Monday, December 6, 2010

Think outside the box, then decorate it~

As most of you know crafting and Lolita fashion go hand in hand. But if you have just started your very own Sweets shop marketed for Lolita girls' and you feel as if you can't get off the ground, here are some tips and some new things I've been working on.
First of all, the best thing to do is take the best photos, (one thing i still have trouble with) most of the best known artist are known for there crafts, however it's all in the photos. If you take a photo of your product with sharp bright colors rather than out of focus dull photos you will be amazed how many new customers will be rushing to order from yo
u! Just learn how to fix levels in your photos, USE A TRIPOD, make a nice display (whether it is a shelf or a table), use can light or natural sunlight(this helps alot), and lastly, use the best of your stock.
Next, just use unusual ideas. This is how a lot of artist get their inspiration. Now I am not telling you to use other artist ideas, but look around you because you will be surprised of the things you will think of. Have you ever looked at a cupcake and wanted to wear it in your hair? I bet that's just what HelloKewpie wanted to do! Or maybe you have seen my own creation? The ice cream headband!
Also, You'll see that even chocomint used the item by making fuzzing glasses hair clips! When ever I'm feeling the dull paid of artist block I scroll through Tumblr, or just leave the house!