Sunday, January 20, 2013

Details of My Plague Rat Costume: Constructed in Under Two Days

For those of you who do not know, I have been an Emilie Autumn fan since I was 13. After three incredible performances with another one quickly approaching, I began planning my costume the week I purchased my tickets. However, the weekend before the concert I began putting together the completed costume and I was completely mortified by the overall unorganized and uncoordinated mess I had created. (the feather bustle did not help.) 

As a result, I scraped the original concept and began looking at each and every costume Emilie Autumn and her bloody crumpets wore for inspiration. I decided if I was comfortable dressing up as a bubble gum big bird I might as well be the preferred animal of the Asylum and opted for a Plague Rat since, at the time, Emilie was auctioning off her original Rat Costume. (one of my personal favorite costumes I might add!)

Now of course, three days before the show, I don't believe I realized how absolutely fucked I was. But, nevertheless, if there is one thing I do well it's working under pressure! After much consideration (a day and a trip to the craft store to be exact), I decided to try and combine Veronica's costume and add lavender in order to make the different shades of gray pop! Here's the outcome: 
The corset needs much more detail but I hand sewed every bead and little gem myself. I'm going to continue to work on this piece until Animazement. 

Now the bra and bustle with the corset. I didn't put much detail in the bra. 
(I won't lie, doesn't look half bad without the corset!)

My mom helped me sew the Swag Bustle on top of the layers of fabric and tulle I had already sewn on. She even showed me how to make fabric roses! I'm going to decorate the fuck out of this skirt as soon as I get some more time on my hands at this week. 

I have a long list of details I need to add in order to make this costume truely complete but in under two days I believe I out did myself compared to last year. I can't help but to imagine what this set will look like once I finish it!

(this is my MERRR face, i tried to show off my glittery lips but to no avail.)