Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Crafting fun~

First off, I have not been active at all on this blog. For that I am sorry! I've been very busing working and studying, so this blog was low on my to do list! However, I am going to post on here as ofter as I can!

In other news! I've been busy crafting new items! So everyone knows I love to make candles, but I love sweets Deco even more. So I've decid
ed to combine the two! Not too long ago my mom bought me four really cheap porcelain tea cups, they have been collecting dust in my closet for a year or so now. But today I found found them and had a great idea!

The Candle is made of Gel wax which burns for about 8 hrs, and those little sweets are made from regular wax. They are scented, they smell like tea! The scent is Vanilla spice, they smell heavenly.

But wait theres more! I'm going to decorate the tea cups with some sweet deco like so:

I've fallen in love with Chocolate Factory's work. She puts so much detail in every piece, so I'm going to decorate the tea cups similar to the ones above.

Once I'm done I'll post photos here!