Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Bitter Sweet Dreams and Halloween Screams

Hello everyone! I've been thinking a lot about my shop and what direction I want to take it! I'm tired of the same old mini cupcakes with fruit slices and pink bases with white whipped cream. I've been reviewing designs and drawing more and more designs since AWA!
I (finally) figured out my shop's concept! French cafe meets Tim Burton. It's perfect! I love french sweets and horribly sweet ideas. I plan on releasing my new line, Horribly Sweet sometime next week (just in time for halloween)! Horribly Sweet will be different than my usual items but I'm happy I'm finally taking my shop and making it my own! It's been forever since I felt this good about Happy Un-birthday.

What to except from Horribly Sweet!
  • Horror,
  • gore,
  • bats,
  • dismembered body parts,
  • glitter,
  • cupcakes,
  • skeletons,
  • glitter,
  • eye balls,
  • bows,
  • and more glitter!
I've also started dressing a little more bitter sweet to inspire myself for what to make next! I've even started modeling since I've lost so much weight so far. For my next photo shoot I'll be a little dead bat girl~

The new(?) trend of sweet goth has my heart racing and my mind spinning! Most of my shopping funds have gone towards darkly sweet clothes. White of pink Creepers are next on my shopping list. ;) Once my order arrives at my home I will be posting many photo on here, twitter, and tumblr! Oh, I even discovered the vintage section of etsy and bought some items to work on some cult party kei outfits, if only I could find a good pair of black RHS!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Crafting Update plus DIY

So before Animazement this year I decided to make more head bands and hair clips. All of the cupcake hair clips and ice cream headband sold out by Saturday afternoon! So I began working on new headbands and hair clips! I found some cute cupcake cups with little strawberries and I used them for these new cupcakes.

Next, I'm working on more styles of ice cream headbands and cupcake hair clips.

Next, I needed a break from crafting after Animazement so I decided to do something different. Dye jeans~ I've seen a lot of cute styles and colors all over tumblr lately and I couldn't help my self. I bought a cheap pair of white jeans and made theses:

Lavender / Pink split

Lastly I don't think I've posted my zune here, but it's some of the best deco art I think I've done. Then my camera, the first thing I've ever decorated~

Can you guess my favorite colors?

Dressing you friends up~

So on the 2nd I hosted a Japanese Fashion Event for my Best friends' cos-play club. It when extremely well, over twenty people came to see us! I spent two weeks researching all the trends and the 'Kawaii' culture that emerged from the 1980's. My two good friend Helen and Helena wanted to get dressed up for the event as well~

Oh how could I say no. For all those who wish to dress up your friends in Lolita, let them ask you. Don't try to force it just kindly ask them if they want to dress up with you and if they say no then live it be! Lolita fashion isn't for everyone and some people would rather admire the clothes than wear them.

Helena and I decided to twin Sweet Ribbon Strawberry so put together two outfits, Here are the outfits and then my make-up for the event~

I have 2 sets of Darkness eyelashes on and my contacts are Bambi Princess Mimi Chocolate Brown.

Any-who~ On to the photos, on the 2nd we went off to the borders ever! Here are the lovely ladies of United Cosplayers Club:

Next, all of us together~

From left to right, Me, Helena, and Helen~
Both Helen and Helena are wearing my newest headband~!

Me and Helen were trying to twin~
We all had a blast! Me and the girls were a little late for the event because we take forever to get ready! I became nervous when I saw how many people showed up to the event and I keep getting tongue tied. I was a bit embarrassed but all of the club members are so nice! They're like family! After the event we all got frozen yogurt and smoothies~

Oh! We also had many cupcakes~

(I was doing a peace sign and the camera covered my index finger~)

After the event Helen and Helena came back to my house and we all hung out until dinner time, we then went off to dinner at my favorite Chinese Buffet.

Possibly the best Chinese buffet in Raleigh!

After dinner we came back to my house and watched some Kamikaze Girls then we all went swimming in my pool! The next day we went to Cary Town Center mall for some fun~ I thought it would be fun for us all to wear Gothic style for a change~

Helena looking cute~

I realized at the last moment that we didn't snap any photos of Helen but she was wearing my hot pink milky way jsk with a black, white, grey, and hot pink plaid top over top tied at the bottom to match the shape of the JSK. She also was wearing my mini fedora hat that sits on the back of you head. Needless to say she looked like a hipster lolita hehe~

I looked a little spacey. But both our outfits looked great! I made the mini tricorn Helena is wearing and the steampunk hair clip I was wearing. I really ought to wear more short sleeve blouses because Helena looked very cute in that outfit~

Overall it was an awesome weekend!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Crafting for Anime Convetions

As some of you might not know I will be selling a Animazement this year! Like last year I will be selling candles and my own jewelry. Looking back to last year I can remember how terrified I felt to be selling to an entire convention, not only that but my school ends the same weekend as AZ. Needless to say it is stressful for a 15 year old girl to take on such task. But After all I have learned from AZ and all the practice from over this past year I can share some tips that could help:

Don't procrastinate.

We all know the trouble you could encounter if you wait until the last minute. Sloppy work is one of many issues. Most crafts and pieces take time and focus. If you are watching the clock the night before speeding around and finishing everything, this is not a good sign. Take time with your work and stay calm. Get a good night sleep the night before the convention and have a big breakfast early in the morning. It is very important to have a good breakfast before a long days work. (most times you will be work 12 hours and you won't be able to get lunch!!)

Practice your display.

At Animazement I sat next to Ryan from MoogleGurl, her display was tall and well planed. She had a banner with her shop name and all of her items were on a vertical display. However, I had no idea what my display would look like until I was setting up. Your display will be what draws customers in. A display should show off all of the products and help a customer see everything you have to offer. When people are walking around a convention they might not have a lot of time to stop and look at everything so your display has to be clean and organised so people can clearly see your items. It's a good idea to set up a practice display at home a few weeks before the event to get a feel for the display.

Keep logs, make goals, and have a plan.

Next, it helps to keep receipt books to keep tract of the items you sell and to help you figure out what to make the next year. Try to make small goals to help you stay focused and stress free. For an example, "I will make 50 cupcake but the end of this week," this is not a good idea because it make you feel like you have to make 50 cupcakes now which can throw you off if you are working on other projects. Instead plan on making 10 cupcakes a day alongside with the other crafts. Lastly, plan on what to make and try to figure out what would sell best. This could take some research but it really helps. You can look around your gallery at what has more comment and favorites, you can also look around for themes and get inspired from other artists around the net to get an idea of what hot and selling now.

Stay focused.

Try to not get overwhelmed and stressed over the upcoming event. It takes a lot of work to run a booth but it's better to not think about how you have to do or what little time you have left to work. You can get more items made if you take your time and just focus.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Crafting fun~

First off, I have not been active at all on this blog. For that I am sorry! I've been very busing working and studying, so this blog was low on my to do list! However, I am going to post on here as ofter as I can!

In other news! I've been busy crafting new items! So everyone knows I love to make candles, but I love sweets Deco even more. So I've decid
ed to combine the two! Not too long ago my mom bought me four really cheap porcelain tea cups, they have been collecting dust in my closet for a year or so now. But today I found found them and had a great idea!

The Candle is made of Gel wax which burns for about 8 hrs, and those little sweets are made from regular wax. They are scented, they smell like tea! The scent is Vanilla spice, they smell heavenly.

But wait theres more! I'm going to decorate the tea cups with some sweet deco like so:

I've fallen in love with Chocolate Factory's work. She puts so much detail in every piece, so I'm going to decorate the tea cups similar to the ones above.

Once I'm done I'll post photos here!