Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Crafting Update plus DIY

So before Animazement this year I decided to make more head bands and hair clips. All of the cupcake hair clips and ice cream headband sold out by Saturday afternoon! So I began working on new headbands and hair clips! I found some cute cupcake cups with little strawberries and I used them for these new cupcakes.

Next, I'm working on more styles of ice cream headbands and cupcake hair clips.

Next, I needed a break from crafting after Animazement so I decided to do something different. Dye jeans~ I've seen a lot of cute styles and colors all over tumblr lately and I couldn't help my self. I bought a cheap pair of white jeans and made theses:

Lavender / Pink split

Lastly I don't think I've posted my zune here, but it's some of the best deco art I think I've done. Then my camera, the first thing I've ever decorated~

Can you guess my favorite colors?


  1. Those are awesome, those cupcakes look good enough to eat :D

  2. very cool... I just can't understand how you can make those cupcakes! they look awesome! :D

  3. omg, I love mindless self indulgence! Probably my favorite band. Frankienstien girls is such a good albummmm. *Derpyfangirlmoment*

  4. Your blog is the cutest! Plus you remind me of myself :3 My friends think I'm the only one in the world thats made ice cream and cupcake headbands like this<3

    It'd be great if you could check out and follow me:

  5. That first headband WILL BE MINE. <3