Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Shoes, Glorious Shoes!!

Princess shoes

Princess shoes by mismarissa on Polyvore 
shoes from La Parfait and DreamV

Cute, Playful, and Fuzzy!

Now, as some of you may know; I am all about over the top shoes. As a matter of fact, my shoe collection has grown far past my expectations and shows no signs of slowing down. Recently I have been yearning for more sweet, delicate, and glittery heels. So I decided to make a hobby out of it and take shoe decoration more seriously  Over the past few months I have started searching for more shoes in which I could decorate. After found perfect (and cheap) shoes to decorate I looked for examples and muses. I took inspiration from such brands as La Parfait and DreamV and finally started working towards dreamy shoes.

After four wonderful hours I completed my beautiful shoes. These were actually cheap Pleaser Shoes in which I ordered to decorate. (my mom said they were "fuck me" shoes until I decorated them lol)
  • I hand stitched four pink bow. Two large and two small
  • Edged the inside and edging with white lace
  • glued gems and half pearls on the clear plastic heels and sealed them
  • threaded crystal beads and pearls on wire thread and hung them under the small bows on the heels
  • added heart shaped gems with a crystal bead onto the big bows.
Surprisingly these decorations are sturdy and sealed on for good! 

Hell Yes Stripper Shoes!

(Likewise, I even used these Ellie Stripper boots for a cos-play back in may using inspiration from DreamV and Kerli.)

Stripper shoes have proven to be an excellent base for beautiful custom shoes. I have seen them used in cosplays as well as wonderful outfits. I felt no shame going through each and every stripper supply shop looking for the best price on shoes in order to decorate. In the end all that I'm after are shoes.

I have always admired DreamV's shoes and There were hand's down my personal favorite! However, like most of there more detailed items they sold out quickly. But, while I scrolled through the foot wear on ebay I found a perfect base in order to recreate my dream shoes!

Once again Stripper shoes saved the day. Moreover, there are more heel height options: 6 inch, 7 inch, and 8 inch!  
Overall, I think that platform heels are the future of fashion.. Or at least the future of my style.

(I mean how can you not want to cover these with bows and prance around town~!?)


Overall, just got for it and make 
some fabulous foot wear!

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