Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Personal Updates

Lately I have been aloof, busy, and focusing on school while leaving my social life in the shadows.  I believe I am still adjusting to the melancholy swing of things.  Still, I feel the need to balance out school and blogging so that I do not fall into a pit of self pity and diva style drama.  I want to craft, sing, play guitar, clean, dance, rave, and some many other pointless teenage antics.  But school keeps me from my friends and foes. 

(It was the fall tour)

When the news of Emilie Autumn's North American tour dropped, October 2nd became my new deadline for an elaborate costume I have never thought of before.  A burlesque diva with a Rococo flare.  A new idea, one of which I would have never thought of without the Inspiration graced by Dita Von Teese.  A new idea requires new items pieces to complete the look and theme.  Nothing from my wardrobe could accommodate this idea without looking like the same old tired look (my personal style) we have become use to.   Likewise I feel like nothing I own would do this idea any justice.  

(So motherfuckin' original.)

I soon realized I needed cash after checking my income and going over some ideas.  I needed everything to be ready in two weeks.  Last weeks paycheck had come and went.  SO.  After reviewing what I need I began busting my hump for extra income.  This meant along with school, part time work, and boyfriend, I had to pile part time work with my mom. Needless to say I have been busy.

BUT, Emilie Autumn announced a delay in her tour due to an illness.  This came as a shock but turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  Now my deadline is pushed further back to January. This news came after I sold items from my wardrobe and had, metaphorically, worked my plush-rump off.

(okay life I see what you're trying to do to me)

This will I will finish up my work, school will be taken care of, and I will go back to gracing everyone's dashboard with my prescience.  I will continue to build my costume and create something completely different.  Whenever a new event takes place I decide to out do myself every time.  I always want to make myself from months ago look like a total weaboo loser.  It is a challenge to recreate a new concept of myself every time but I gladly accept the task.   

(look at this goddamn ita weaboo thinking she's all cool and shit)

Here's what you have miss these past weeks:

I'm starting a decorated bra collection and this is the second addition. 

I'm going to beat this game.
(fuck yis 90's-00's PC games)

Ever had a Hungarian Sugar cookie? 
(did you know even I'm half Hungarian?)

Currently awaiting photos from a photoshoot.  This is the only preview I have to offer.
(I dare you to ask me where my sheep is.  I fucking dare you.)

My boyfriend is fabulous. 
(wanna guess who had to shave his legs?)

I am Nicolas Cage
(I have been caged by Beckwith)

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  1. Yeh! your passion for the fashion is evident from your work on this blog. thanks for sharing these lovely updates. Your trendy lifestyle shows that you will become a fashion designer. good luck for your future.