Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Shopping Finds and Some Inspiration.

Recently I have not been posting all that much personal themed posted on my tumblr or over here.  This is because I have been occupied with school and my personal life.  These past weeks have been difficult.  However I keep pressing onward!

Anywho, I want to start sharing interesting items I stumble upon for those who might have missed them.  I have an entire folder in my bookmarks filled with links and items so I'll try to keep up~
This dress caught my eye over on Etsy. However, the item was taken down (to switch over to their website from etsy) and I was unable to find it again until today.  It's a steep price to pay for a t-shirt dress but I can't help but to melt at this items.  Cherry lolipops are my one and only favorite candy.  If I ever have 200 dollars laying around I might snatch this up.

This wonderful dress was created but the talented artist Caitlin Shearer.  

  This dress comes from the indie brand Merry Berry Jelly.  Every one that I have seen has bought this in Green.  It has been said that this dress was inspired by Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle.  Personally, I'm dying to order this in the dusty pink style.  I usually hate the color as a base color but something about this dress just looks so sweet and delicate.  

Both items are made by Atelier Sylphe Corsets. These items are both very incredible and I do plan on buying both very soon.  I am amazed from the quality of the neck collar.  The collar comes in both black and white and I plan on buying both colors.  I will be doing a review on both items.

I have seen this all over tumblr.  However I have been unable to find it because the shop was closed for sometime.  But recently they have opened back up and I bought my winning ribbon!  This item is amazing and great quality.  I highly recommend it.

This is honestly one of the nicest corsets I own.  I bought it when it was on sale back in February for the same sale price.  This shop carries a variety of  corsets for decent prices.  If you are looking for a base corset to decorate I cannot recommend this item enough.  I am buying this corset again to hand dye it lavender and decorate for the Emilie Autumn show in January.   

Has anyone else been searching high and low for a classic japanese back pack that wasn't $200+?
Here you go.

Speaking of backpacks.  For $50 dollars this could be yours.  I'm sorry but that's a great price to pay for a made-to-order bag as cute as this one.

Everyone grab your Japanese shopping services because you're going to need them to order these amazing tights!

I own two backpacks from the company who makes these items and they are okay quality but I love mine to death!

Next we have some shops that I recommend you keep an eye on:

Planet-Zero makes adorable t-shirts and jewelry, however the shipping may take some time.  

Restyle  is a polish gothic shop that sells amazing items.  The shipping is also quick but their corsets are just cheap Chinese mass made ones.

 La Petite File  if you haven't seen this brand yet please check her out.  I'm planing my first purchase soon!

Yard666sale carries items perfect for Slime punk, Grudge, and post 90's style.  Check out their etsy, bigcartel, and tumblr!

Wildskin recreates items that are perfect for an over the top mori-girl outfit.  They are one of a kind and simply beautiful. if you do not feel comfortable paying for their prices then use them as inspiration.

One last item I DO NOT recommend buying this item due to the negative feedback the seller has received.  However, I want us to take a look at this item for inspiration.  I plan on recreating a corset inspired by this item:

It's a shame that the seller has gone under but I plan on using her work as inspiration.  I will use an underbust cone shape corset and hand dying it lavender.  I will use some edging similar to the lace roses but I plan on using more detail then they did.  I will sew on gems, pearls, and lace the the base edge and pull it up to the top.  Next, I purchased a light pink bustle which I will alter to sew onto this corset. (or just wear under the corset, I'm still undecided) I will add pearls and crystals to hang from the bottom and I will have them hanging from the bra across the shoulder as well.

I have so much in mind that this design has set forward. I cannot wait to get started and I will keep everyone up to date with the project.
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  1. I liked all the blogs and the dresses you have shared with us,, these dresses are nice but i didn't like the leggings they are too much fancy.. the bag is also amazing.